Mulbshop is a young, but steadily growing e-business, with a particular focus on providing high-quality lifestyle, and health-care related products to a competitive market. Our inventory includes weight-loss solutions, skin care products, as well as weight-loss equipment and related garments, designed with the client’s comfort, health, safety and well-being in mind.

Mulbshop only deals with reputable brands, already having a sound global client base.

Other products sold, include high-quality exercise and weight-loss aiding garments, which are in line with our company’s philosophy – providing high-quality and high-performance products globally, which the consumer can purchase from the comfort of home! 

All products sold include an in-depth explanation of the ingredients used; the product’s country of origin, as well as instructions for use, and storage instructions. 

Mulbshop also deals with wholesale retail, to other businesses, and is always open for innovative and exciting new opportunities to expand the business, and to offer a better service.